In T&T

1. How does Butler’s discursive understanding of embodied reality inform your final projects for the semester / dissertation?

2. Butler describes language in terms of interpellation, citation, repetition… this is a web not unlike the networs we encountered in ANT and Activity Theory. How does this reminder about the performative, reiterative, complex nature and shape of language act like a human network? How is it different? Are we able to weave/splice in language?

3. Thinking back on Hayles and the posthuman and these feedback loops between the body and technology, what does Hayles do with gender? What has she included / left out? Is her posthuman a post-gendered-human, or is it instantiated by the same gender norms Butler discusses?

4. If we think about Butler in terms of embodiment, what does embodiment mean? To be embodied in the Butlerian sense might mean to be birthed through language. It might mean simply to be gendered. How do our other theorists approach embodiment differently? (Hansen especially)

5. If we’re looking at language, we’re thinking of Ong. Do you think gender would be produced and performed the same way in primary oral cultures, or is this a function not just of language, but of print culture and all that implies? And following that, how does the shift to multiliteracies / electracy / digital literacy change the way language works? How are the citational practices different when we have a worldview shaped by associational rather than linear thinking? Does the digital open up a space to get beyond (or a least somewhat further away from) gender binary?


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