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Teaching Butler

Harum Karim Thomas’ article in Computers and Composition Online sets up Butler and performativity as a teaching butler3tool. Thomas describes performativity and then shares a three-part assignment that incorporates identity, Ulmer’s popcycle, and notions of performativity through language.

Module for students on Butler’s notions of gender and sex.

Module for students on Butler’s performativity.

Clancy Ratliff’s draft of a brief encyclopedia article on performativity and citational practices.

A short article describing the history of performativity.

Performativity related to citizenship and democracy.

Modules I and II on Althusser and interpellation.

A detailed example of interpellation for students (particularly in a rhetoric course).


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The Application

"The way in which we understand gender actually changes the way we live gender. As we interpret ourselves differently, we also live ourselves differently." -- Judith Butler